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Maureen Thorson
Turn on your sound, kiddies! It's time for some Flash!

(Warning, you will need Flash 4 or 5 to view the following movies. If you don't have Flash, you are welcome to squint your eyes up really hard, and make up some movies in your head.)

Also...have some patience. They take a couple seconds to load after you click.

Mr Pringles, the Walrus you can Dress!

Robotic Kindergarten Teacher--featuring the Debut of Johnny the Stupid Robot!

Johnny the Stupid Robot, in Guiding Light!

Johnny the Stupid Robot, in Boy Band!

Stay Tuned for more of the Adventures of Johnny the Stupid Robot, as well as the forthcoming Vlad Drac--Mod Tropicando!

No Flash? Here's a fun little animation that works entirely on the power of Gif.